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No Agenda Episode 391

By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12:30 PM.

Cover Art

By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12:31 PM.

NA 391 Art Big

Art By: Thoren

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By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12:31 PM.

Simulating Investment

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Op-Ed by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron: An alliance the world can count on | The White House

Task Group 120

Trains Good, Planes Bad (Whoo Hoo!)


Drone Nation



Assad's in-box: Alleged emails of Syrian dictator and wife give glimpse into inner circle | The Envoy - Yahoo! News

As the Syrian death toll continues to mount, countries from around the world have vehemently condemned the leader for prolonging his bloody, year-long crackdown on unrest. But the dictator and his London-born wife Asma al-Assad appear to live in a surreal psychological bubble, insulated from the grotesque violence that has claimed the lives of 8,000 Syrians, according to a cache of some 3,000 alleged emails and documents obtained by Syrian activists and published by the Guardian Wednesday. The supposed emails portray a dictator both sentimental and sinister. Assad, who allegedly used the email address according to the hacked emails, took to his iPad to send his wife American country favorites from iTunes and to search for "America's Got Talent" videos. In addition to the light fare, he also sent out rabidly paranoid articles to his inner circle that accuse the American envoy to Syria of recruiting al-Qaida-linked "Arab 'death squads'" to try to topple him, as the Guardian reports: Assad's emails reveal his inner fears and suspicions. On 16 October, as the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, called for international action to avoid "full-blown civil war" in Syria, Assad circulated from his iPad an article to a list of undisclosed recipients an article alleging that the US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, was responsible for "recruiting Arab 'death squads' from al-Qaida-affiliated units in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Chechnya to fight against Syrian military and police". He sent another rabid article to his wife on 23 July that described Rupert Murdoch as a Jew and an Israeli citizen and "pretty much" Satan.

But the dictator, who trained as an eye doctor in the UK before assuming the Syrian presidency from his late father Hafaz al-Assad, also "kept up a flow of personal, loving emails to his wife using the disguised accounts....Sometimes he searched the internet for video clips that impressed him, on one occasion sending her a clip from America's Got Talent of 'the best illusion of all time' — a man appearing to saw another man in half and then putting him back together again, to the delight of the judges David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan," the Guardian wrote.

The hacked emails show his wife Asma al-Assad (who allegedly used the email address, to be mostly obsessed with luxury shopping.

"On 3 February 2012, she was browsing the internet for luxury shoes, according to an email titled "Christian Louboutin shoes coming shortly," the Guardian reports. "Does anything catch your eye" she asks a friend, who responded frankly: "I don't think they're going 2 b useful any time soon unfortunately."

The authenticity of the emails has not yet been independently verified. The Guardian explains why it believes the emails are genuine, and its extensive efforts to vet them, here.

Gilded lifestyle continued for Assad coterie as conflict raged in Syria | World news | The Guardian

Al-Akhbar Newspaper: 33 Armed Groups Spread in Syria



North Korea


Techno Experts

'More Eyes'


WTO | 2012 News items - US, Japan and EU file disputes against China

[2009]China to limit exports of 'rare earth' minerals vital to energy tech - The Hill's E2-Wire

Rare earth element - Move Chiners up the foodchain


Video: Angelina Jolie in court as ICC finds Congo warlord Thomas Lubanga guilty of using child soldiers - Telegraph

Thomas Lubanga Dyilo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Congo Asks Citizens to Return to Capital After Deadly Explosion - Bloomberg

At least six Chinese citizens were killed and dozens were injured, Xinhua said, citing the Chinese Embassy in Brazzaville. The people were employees of the Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEZ), it said.

The Republic of Congo pumped about 300,000 barrels of oil a day last year, according to BP Plc (BP/)’s Statistical Review of World Energy. Companies including France’s Total SA (FP), Brazil’s Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4) and the U.S.’s Chevron Corp. (CVX) are exploring for, or produce oil in the country.

S Africans stake claims to Congolese oil -

Congo-China agreement: Publication of new documents | Global Witness

Congo and China Forge Economic Partnership : NPR

Congo rescue efforts still grounded days after deadly blast - REPUBLIC OF CONGO - FRANCE 24

British Corporation Mass Murdering Ugandans in UN Sanctioned Land Grab


Celebrity Upstanders | Enough

Omar al-Bashir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The US Plan to Destabilize Sudan | The Global Realm

The USA can kill two birds with one stone by destabilizing South Sudan.

The first is by helping to instigate a series of ethnic bloodbaths in South Sudan, maybe ignite an outbreak of fighting between Sudan and South Sudan and under cover of which the Abeye oil fields, and the very vulnerable Abeye-Port Sudan pipeline will be attacked and damaged.

This will effectively end China’s most important energy development project in Africa.

Secondly, by cutting off Sudan’s oil supply the USA will put enormous pressure on the Sudanese government lead by President Omar Al Bashir.

With his oil revenues halted Pres. Bashir will find it very difficult to maintain the standard of living many of his people have come to expect and this could seriously destabilize the government.

So the South Sudan military is paid for by the USA as well as the UN Ethiopian "peacekeepers". With friends like this is it any wonder that South Sudan is disintegrating? And now comes word that the Obama regime presently occupying the White House in the USA is planning on "selling" advanced weaponry to the SPLA. As every day hundreds of children in South Sudan die from lack of clean drinking water, food, shelter and medical care the USA's answer is to provide jet fighters and bombers, the better to see Sudanese kill Sudanese.

Sudan (the): Sudan balks at US-proposed ceasefire in Nuba Mountains | ReliefWeb

George Clooney on Sudan: 'It Gets in Your Bloodstream' | The Rundown News Blog | PBS NewsHour | PBS

Sudan: Mixing Oil and Blood

South Sudan - New Pipeline Alternatives -

BBC News - South Sudan expels Chinese oil firm boss

Sudan, CIA Forge Close Ties, Despite Rights Abuses : NPR

US seeks path back to South Sudan oil market | Top News | Reuters

South Sudan: a tricky sell in NY | beyondbrics | News and views on emerging markets from the Financial Times --

Follow the Pipes!

--------------Malawi----------------- Mozambique: No Objection to Beira-Malawi Pipeline - Minister

Malawi: Africa's 'warm heart' feels chill of creeping dictatorship | World news | The Guardian


PetroChina buys entire Alberta oilsands project - Business - CBC News

Keystone XL Pipeline: 3 U.S. Congressmen Tour Alberta Oilsands

Celebrity Ambassadors

Trevor Neilson

Global Philanthropy Group

Advisory Board - Wikimedia Foundation

Philanthropy and U.S. Foreign Policy (Video) - [VIDEO]

George Clooney Makes Graphic Film Of Sudan Visit

Angelina Jolie Witnesses Conviction Of Congolese Warlord

George Clooney Witnesses War Crimes in Sudan's Nuba Mountains

NA Book Club

Red Book

Shut Up Slave!


US wins extradition of British student over UK-based website

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement department first seized O'Dwyer's website,, in June 2010. At the time they were able to shut-down the site as the US has jurisdiction over any .net and .com domain names, a revelation which prompted O'Dwyer to relaunch his site with a .cc domain extension shortly after. Even still, authorities were back in a matter of months and questioned O'Dwyer over his revamped operation. That meeting happened in November, and the boy's mother explained to Ars Technica at the time, "One of them said 'Don't worry, you won't have to go to America.'" Barely a year later, the US opened a new investigation, filed extradition papers and, as of now, O'Dwyer is expected to soon see an American judge. On Tuesday, the UK Home Secretary agreed to extradite the young man after the Westminster Magistrates' Court ruled in January that shipping him to America to face charges would be an option on the table. "I've done nothing wrong under UK law, and, it's pretty ridiculous isn't it?" Dwyer tells BBC Newsbeat in the UK. "A 65-year-old man was extradited a few weeks ago, so if they can extradite someone that old they can extradite anyone really, couldn't they? "Copyright laws differ between countries and that's yet to be fought, that argument." Despite that argument, however, the US believes that O'Dwyer was in the wrong, as far as they are concerned. TVShack sold advertising space and, according to American officials, netted more than $230,000 before American agents first shut it down. The site itself provided users with links to other sites which, when clicked, would take his visitor to external and unaffiliated pages that often streamed copyrighted material, including American television programs protected by US laws.

Dinosaur "Old World" System Seeks to Tax Alternative Media

RIAA chief: ISPs to start policing copyright by July 12 | Media Maverick - CNET News


As Cholera Season Bears Down On Haiti, Vaccination Program Stalls : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

Limbaugh, Lipitor and the Incivility of American Political Life (Part I) by Edward Bernton - The Globalist

Overlooked in the developed world's rush to medicate cholesterol to lower and lower levels have been profound questions about the relationship between cholesterol and cognitive function, mood and behavior. The pre-statin scientific literature provided numerous hints of a link between low (or lowered) cholesterol and violent death, as well as aggression. Reducing cholesterol reduces levels of serotonin, a critical brain neurotransmitter, and low brain serotonin is well known to be linked to violence, impaired impulse control and aggression in both humans and animals.

hen one considers the increasing loss of comity and courtesy in American society, and the steadfastly confrontational tone of our political process, could this be the effect of — on a vast social scale — our individual choices in cholesterol medication?

Prescription of statins has rapidly replaced lifestyle changes (such as diet, exercise and smoking) that used to be the first measures taken to reduce cardiovascular risk.

The halls of the U.S. Congress — where men over 50 with access to excellent health care hold a sizable majority — are almost certainly full of statins users. Former Vice President Dick Cheney — the ardent proponent of the Bush doctrine of "preemptive war" — surely was (and is) on high-dose statins after his multiple heart attacks.

Former President Bill Clinton is most likely on statins after his cardiac-bypass surgery, perhaps contributing to some of his more controversial remarks during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign. Tell us, Rush, what is your daily dose?

Ministry of Truth


Fal$e Flag


UK Climate Week

New theory: CO2 makes you fat | ScienceNordic

Consumer Reports Spends $107K On Fisker Karma; It Breaks Down In Parking Lot - The Consumerist

Out There


Kony2012: North Ugandans react angrily to viral video - [VIDEO]

Remarks at the Opening Session of the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference

Tide Detergent Being Stolen From Stores Across the Country | Trending Now - Yahoo! News

Secret SAS teams hunt for terrorists

Energy Production Revolution Begins In Mideast | Fox News


George Clooney Witnesses War Crimes in Sudan's Nuba Mountains - [VIDEO]

Q&A with Tim Weiner - C-SPAN Video Library

Angelina Jolie welcomes Congo warlord verdict - [VIDEO]

President's picture on American flag had some seeing red |

"This Is Not Who We Are!" Hillary Clinton On Shooting Of Civilians In Afghanistan - [VIDEO]

Senator Reid Says Presidents Should Have Power To Assassinate ANY American Citizen - [VIDEO]

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 Militants In Pakistan (And How Many Civilians?) - [VIDEO]

Herman Van Rompuy at the European Parliament

Dinosaur "Old World" System Seeks to Tax Alternative Media

EU succession certificate is the introduction of an EU property tax - Batten - [VIDEO]

Philanthropy and U.S. Foreign Policy (Video) - [VIDEO]